Scrappy Flag

The construction of this quilt was demonstrated on the program Simply Quilts on HGTV, episode QLT-604, by Gloria Smith. When I saw the quilt, I knew I had to make one. So every time I visited a fabric store, I would collect red fabrics and beige and white fabrics. The Scrappy Flag has a total of 12 different reds, varying from light to dark as well as 14 different beige or white fabrics, ranging from light to dark.

Each star in the flag is made from 5 different shades to give them depth, and each star is different. They are arranged in a circle fo 12 stars with one in the center, which is the arrangement used in Maryland at the Battle of Cowpens (but not an official arrangement ever adopted by the U.S.). Navy fabric of various sizes were added between stars so make the required arrangment.

The 12 reds were cut into squares and made into half-square triangles (a square consisting of 2 triangles of different fabrics). The same procedure was applied to the 14 beige/white fabrics. Then all the squares were laid out on the bed to make sure no 2 fabrics of the same pattern were touching. When the arrangement was complete, I sewed the squares into rows, then sewed the rows together to form the flag.

The quilt was pieced and quilted completely by hand by Nancy in 2006. The eagle with wings spread, taken from the back of a U.S. quarter, was enlarged and quilted over the stars. Waves were quilted on each red and white stripe. The various shades of red and beige give the flag a 3-D effect.
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